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At CA Colors Salon, we specialize in creating beautiful blonding, highlights, and lowlights that enhance your natural beauty and complement your unique style.

Our team of advanced hair colorists uses only the highest quality hair color products, including the brand Oleplex, to ensure that your hair stays strong and healthy throughout the coloring process. You'll walk out of the salon looking and feeling your best, rocking that new blonde hair.

Top Hair Salon In Pittsburgh, PA For Hair Blonding & Balayage - CA Colors Salon & Hair Extensions

Blonding & Balayage In Pittsburgh, PA

Top Blonding Hair Salon in Pittsburgh, PA - CA Colors Salon & Hair Extensions

All Over Blonde

Our All Over Blonde is a hair coloring service that involves applying blonde color to the entire head of natural hair. Our goal is to create a consistent, single-tone blonde shade while prioritizing the health and strength of your hair. We use techniques and products that maintain the integrity of your hair during the process, ensuring that you leave our salon with vibrant, healthy-looking blonde locks.

All Over Blonde Root Touch-Up

Our Blonde Root Touch Up service is perfect for those looking to maintain their blonde hair color by addressing their root growth. We use high-quality blonde color products to seamlessly blend your roots with the rest of your hair, ensuring a natural-looking and consistent color. Our skilled colorists will work with you to choose the perfect shade of blonde to match your existing hair color, creating a flawless finish that seamlessly transitions from your roots to your ends.

Balayage Touch-Up

Our Balayage Touch-Up service is designed to refresh and enhance your existing balayage hair color. This service is ideal for those who have previously received a balayage treatment and want to maintain their current look. Our skilled colorists will strategically apply lightener to your hair using the balayage technique, creating a seamless blend of highlights and lowlights that complement your natural hair color. Our goal is to achieve a natural-looking, sun-kissed effect that enhances your features and adds dimension to your hair. With our Balayage Touch-Up service, you can achieve a beautiful, low-maintenance look that lasts for months.

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Highlights & Lowlights Options


Looking to add some dimension and brightness to your hair? Our highlights service may be just what you need! Our skilled stylists use professional-grade products and techniques to create natural-looking highlights that flatter your skin tone and enhance your overall look. 

From full highlights to partial and accent options, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we’ll make sure to customize the service to your specific hair type and desired outcome, so you can leave feeling confident and beautiful.

Highlights & Lowlights

Our highlights and lowlights service is a great way to add depth, dimension, and texture to your hair. Highlights brighten up your natural hair color by adding lighter tones, while lowlights add darker tones to create contrast and depth. This technique can be done with foil, balayage, or other methods to achieve a natural and sun-kissed look that complements your skin tone and personal style. 

Whether you want a full or partial application, or just a few accent highlights, our skilled colorists will work with you to achieve the desired result and give you the perfect look that will turn heads.

Full or Partial Highlights and Lowlights

Refresh your existing highlights with our Highlight Touch-Up service! This service is perfect for maintaining your current highlights and brightening up any regrowth. Our experienced colorists will carefully apply the right amount of color to blend with your existing highlights, leaving your hair looking refreshed and rejuvenated. Service includes a wash, toner, and style.

Blonde Highlights & Lowlights Salon in Pittsburgh, PA - CA Colors Salon & Hair Extensions

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